Application scenario

ECOL BAAS intelligent cloud computing platform can help users to turn the blockchain and create a private chain with one button to realize multi-scene applications

Intelligent deployment of private chains

Achieve one-click, fool-like, intelligent, easy-to-use private chain development,

click to generate, deploy, download, help users, turn to play blockchain.

Modular build decentralized platform

One-click can generate decentralized, can be sourced, can not be falsified,

a fair and transparent new generation blockchain application platform,

to build its own blockchain world.

Self-created blockchain ledger

It allows users to manage blockchain books more conveniently and efficiently,

creating, deploying, operating and monitoring every link in the blockchain.

Secure, full-node light wallet

ECOL BAAS intelligent cloud computing platform is the first to support public-chain all-node,

mainstream public-chain wallet,

financial-grade security, and anti-counterfeit computer brute force cracking.

BAAS Intelligent Cloud Service

ECOL BAAS Intelligent Cloud Service helps blockchain + supply chain finance,

helping companies reduce financing thresholds, improve financing efficiency,

intelligent risk management, and accumulate credit assets.

Technology System

  • Main chain side chain technology
  • Network sharding parallel processing protocol
  • AI modular intelligent system


ECOL is a creative, open and compatible multi-chain parallel blockchain operating system that brings together the latest research results in artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), dual quantification, BLOCKLESS technology, etc. ECOL can suppress block expansion effectively and resolve performance limitations of existing blockchains. What's more, ECOL provide multi-modal business model, real anonymous wallet (TFW) and anchor asset technology, help ordinary users to generate tokens one-click. It builds users' own application scenarios and landing projects, and realize equity trading, flow, transfer. ECOL also developed and designed block fog (chain fog) and fog storage fog computer system, which solves the embarrassing situation that Ethereum can not support ordinary commercial applications, distributed storage and distributed computing capabilities, and make ECOL computer common platform become a truly commercial blockchain ecosystem.

Token allocation